For a limited time we are in a position to on-board new project partners who are looking for co-funding and support with their transport R&D initiatives. If you need support in transport-related areas such as:

  • Technology trials
  • An evidence base or understanding for policy development
  • New product development or enhancement
  • Other initiative that requires specific expertise

Please contact us today for a chat.

You can find more information about how we operate below.

OUR MISSION: To advance the development and adoption of technologies that improve Australia’s transport systems, through high impact R&D collaborations.

iMOVE is the national centre for transport and smart mobility R&D in Australia. We create multi-party collaborations that improve the sustainable movement of people and goods using technology and data.

We are a not-for-profit funded by the Federal government to deliver research outcomes and impact that benefit our project partners, our communities, our industries, and our country. This means safer, more sustainable, more efficient and more equitable transport systems nationwide.

Can I work with iMOVE?

If your organisation wants to invest in and benefit from R&D outcomes in a transport or mobility-related area you should get in touch.

Use the contact details below to start a conversation.

Why work with iMOVE?

We are a trusted, neutral organisation that has a well-developed framework for co-funding and delivering successful collaborative R&D. We work with partners through the whole project lifecycle from ideation to delivery and promotion of the outcomes.

Our extensive network lets us draw on a broad range of experts and deliver a well-constructed and coordinated response to your R&D challenges. This includes many of Australia’s top universities and researchers.

As we are federally funded, we can contribute our knowledge, networks and facilitation services at no cost to our partners. This means all partner funds are used to undertake research activities.

IP rights are usually vested with the lead project partner. This is all agreed up front in the project agreement phase, coordinated by iMOVE.

What does it cost?

Lead project partners (industry and government) need to provide funding and people to provide input to the project, again agreed at project formation stage.

The administration of the centre (the services we provide) is funded by our Commonwealth grant which means there is no cost to our partners.


iMOVE work continuously with its partners, and industry, in their R&D journey.

From shaping ideas and getting projects neatly off the ground, through to delivering the final outcomes and seeing the next opportunity.

We can help.

Ian Christensen – iMOVE MD


Our research program is divided into four themes outlined below. This breadth means we can undertake research in almost any transport and mobility area.

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iMOVE Sustainability icon
  • Environmental and social
  • Future fuels / alternative fuels
  • Movement and Place
  • Low/zero emissions
  • Urban freight shifts
  • Transport sector employment
  • Charging infrastructure
  • Transport sector workforce
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  • Urban freight planning
  • Last mile delivery
  • Drones
  • Freight data
  • Supply chain
  • Data sharing
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A quick glance at our list of active and completed projects provides deeper insight into the breadth of our research interests.


Our services include:

  • End-to-end project facilitation
  • Assistance to refine ideas into project outcomes
  • Development of project agreements
  • Project progress visibility – access to our custom-built portal to see project info, progress reports
  • Mediation of issues
  • Connecting you to other useful people and organisations
  • Providing co-funding
  • Procuring expertise – providing proposals and options from our research partners
  • Project progress oversight
  • Management of milestone approvals and payments
  • Promote outcomes / disseminate knowledge

Typical project stages are outlined below. You may not need assistance with all of these stages, but we will work with you to determine where we can best support you to achieve your goals.

iMOVE project process diagram - blue bground


Projects have a minimum of three partners: an industry/government lead, a research partner and iMOVE itself, with all partners contributing funding to the project.

We receive funding from the government to boost R&D in the transport sector. We manage our centre administration costs using this funding, so your dollars are spent only on your research projects.




The percentages of who contributes what varies depending on things like:

  • Whether the lead project party is a foundation partner
  • What Commonwealth funding is available through iMOVE
  • How many partners are involved in the project

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iMOVE and Australia is a combination that could take your R&D from idea to international implementation and success.

Get things rolling, and get in touch with iMOVE.


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