OUR MISSION: To advance the development and adoption of technologies that improve Australia’s transport systems, through high impact R&D collaborations.


iMOVE is Australia’s leading applied research centre in the transportation and mobility sector. We help businesses and government tackle transport-related challenges by connecting and activating the ideas, people, and resources to get things moving.

iMOVE strives to advance the development and adoption of technologies that improve Australia’s transport systems, through high-impact R&D collaborations. It does this through the creation and facilitation of  collaborative research and development solutions for a diverse range of business, industry, government and academic partners. We help our partners to exploit this collaboration into great ideas and leading-edge technologies to achieve desired commercial outcomes.

This results in new and enhanced transport products, services and systems that improve the movement of people and freight across Australia.


iMOVE work continuously with its partners, and industry, in their R&D journey.

From shaping ideas and getting projects neatly off the ground, through to delivering the final outcomes and seeing the next opportunity.

We can help.

Ian Christensen – iMOVE MD

iMOVE fosters collaborative engagement between partners, helps generate innovative ideas, and facilitates business activities, ensuring that you have all the right elements in place to bring your vision to life.

Our professional network lets us draw on a broad range of industry experts and deliver a well-constructed and coordinated response to your R&D challenges.

We are already working with technology companies, local government, state and federal government departments and agencies, transport service providers, logistics companies and more.

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iMOVE and Australia is a combination that could take your R&D from idea to international implementation and success.

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