The collection and availability of data, emerging technology in vehicles and logistics, and the blue-sky opportunities afforded by connectivity could allow 21st Century Australia to find new and better ways to move people and goods around the country, and to the world. The iMOVE Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) has been set up to take Australia to these new roads.

iMOVE is a consortium of 44 industry, government, and research partners engaged in a concerted 10-year effort to improve Australia’s transport systems through collaborative R&D projects. It will help companies — and Australia — be more competitive, productive, and prosperous.

iMOVE and its participants will deliver research, outcomes and products to:

  • reduce road congestion, fuel use, emissions, accidents and fatalities
  • improve freight co-ordination
  • improve productivity and international competitiveness
  • improve lifestyle and wellbeing

Outcomes for Australia

  • Analyses, evaluation, and development of new technologies to build Australia’s intelligent infrastructure
  • Development of innovative models and software to manage the entire transport and mobility network
  • Creation of an open access data platform to integrate disparate datasets
  • Driving entrepreneurship and innovation in the mobility and freight sectors

Outcomes for business

  • Development of innovative systems and business models to better utilise Australia’s freight capacity
  • Development of new systems for better coordination at intermodal interchanges to reduce freight delays and costs
  • Creation of systems, methods, and technologies to better monitor and control the cold chain management of perishable goods

Outcomes for people

  • Development of new and innovative solutions to allow the personal and public mobility system to be more traveller-friendly and provide a more personalised experience
  • Creation of business models, systems, and technologies to increase the use of shared or public mobility options
  • Development of systems and technologies to increase the access of mobility to elderly or disabled Australians