Through our education and training program, we match the finest researchers with industry, to work together on research projects to develop innovative technology for Australia and the global market.

Our education program offers students industry experience and financial support, along with training and professional development opportunities. We have 17 universities participating in the iMOVE education and training program.

Our education program is split in two streams:

  1. Undergraduate Student Industry Program
  2. Industry PhD Program
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undergrad with poster

Undergraduate Student Industry Program

A year-long research project which provides students with hands-on experience and companies with resources to assist with their research and development.

Key benefits

  • Explore emerging trends and evaluate new techniques
  • Develop, test, and employ new ideas
  • Develop quality, useful research outcomes
  • Work with the best and brightest student talent

For more information, or to make an enquiry, visit the Undergraduate Student Industry Program page

student with lab equipment

Industry PhD Program

Supports students to undertake vital research and equips them with skills to successfully pursue their career. Students either work independently on their research through the university and industry (strategic project), or form part of a larger team working on an industry-defined research project (embedded project).

Either way, the research outcomes all make a valuable contribution to an industry by providing high-level research skills and enhancing knowledge.

Key benefits

  • Regular opportunities to showcase their research and network with industry
  • Work under the guidance of an industry mentor
  • Meet and establish connections with other students
  • Participate in industry internships

For more information, or to make an enquiry, visit the Industry PhD Program page.