We’re making moves, and making the news! Here’s a collection of interviews and articles about iMOVE and its research and business partners.

Ian Christensen, iMOVE

8 January 2023

Smart traffic technology a step closer to launching in Australia

An SBS audio interview that includes iMOVE MD Ian Christensen speaking about C-ITS, how it works, its safety and environmental benefits, the Ipswich Connected Vehicle Pilot, and the need for the Federal Government to adopt a nationally consistent approach to rolling out the technology across Australia.

Ian Christensen portrait

11 December 2022

Mate, where’s my self-driving car?

An article about the state of play in regard to self-driving vehicles appearing on Australian roads. Amongst the interviewees here are iMOVE MD Ian Christensen, and Professor Michael Milford.

Hydrogen truck pump wind power solar

30 September 2022

Future of hydrogen fuel in the spotlight in NSW

iMOVE, Transport for NSW, Australian Road Research Board and Mov3ment have joined forces to launch a research project designed to provide a roadmap for hydrogen fuel technology adoption in New South Wales’ heavy vehicle fleet.

Find out more about the project at Investigating the viability of hydrogen fuel for heavy vehicle use.

FLEX driverless shuttle Flinders University side view.

30 August 2022

Driverless buses hit Adelaide roads in renewed Tonsley trial

Video of the relaunch of the FLEX driverless shuttle trial in Adelaide’s Tonsley innovation district, with iMOVE’s MD Ian Christensen filmed taking part in a lap of the route.

Find out more about the project at FLEXible use case – enhancing the Tonsley shuttle trial.

ZOE2 CAV front angle view

2 June 2022

Hands off the wheel

See the highly-automated ZOE2 car in action in its public trial, on public roads, in Queensland’s Bundaberg. Hear Amit Trivedi, the Department of Transport and Main Roads’ (Queensland) Connected and Automated Vehicle Pilot Lead speak on exactly what ZOE2 is doing, and how.

Find out more about the project at Cooperative and Highly Automated Driving Safety Study.

freight digitisation containers

24 May 2022

Study says Australian transport falling behind globally

A final report handed down by iMove Australia says the nation’s transport sector is falling behind international trends when it comes to transport digitisation. The project aimed to review Australia’s transport and freight sector relating to network performance, efficiency and productivity.

Find out more, and download the report at World best practice digitisation in transport/freight: And Australia?.

working from home videoconference

24 May 2022

Sydney commuters saved $5.6b by working from home

A new report – prepared by Tulipwood Economics for the iMove Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) and entitled The Prospects for Working From Home: Assessing the Evidence – evaluated the impact of pandemic WFH through four projects run by transport authorities and universities in Queensland, NSW, South Australia, and Western Australia.

Find out more, and download the report at Prospects for Working from Home: Assessing the evidence.

freight data trucks airplane

23 November 2021

Data is the key to improving productivity and efficiency in the supply chain

iMOVE MD Ian Christensen is interviewed in this piece about the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities commissioning iMOVE to conduct a comprehensive study of the state of freight data in Australia. iMOVE projects mentioned in the piece include the Freight consignment data aggregation pilot and Freight data requirements study.

electric car charging, closeup

17 November 2021

UQ seeks 500 Tesla owners to gauge how EVs could act as grid batteries

The University of Queensland is seeking 500 Tesla owners for what it says will be a world-first trial to gauge of potential of using spare battery capacity in electric vehicles to back up the grid, support renewables and power homes. This is part of the iMOVE project, Electric vehicles: Supporting uptake, investigating smart charging.

CAVs graphic cooperative perception

11 February 2021

New technology gives smart cars ‘x-ray’-like vision

Australian researchers have developed a technology that allows autonomous vehicles to track moving pedestrians hidden behind buildings and cyclists obscured by cars, trucks, and buses. The autonomous vehicle uses game changing tools that allows it to ‘’see the world around it using x-ray style vision that penetrates through to pedestrian blind spots. The technology has been developed as part of a project involving iMOVE Australia, Cohda Wireless, and the University of Sydney’s Australian Centre for Field Robotics.

drone silhouette sky

11 February 2021

The drones helping our remote communities

iMOVE MD Ian Christensen on the John Stanley show on radio 2GB, talking about the promising and important new iMOVE project, Integrating drones into NT Health. Click the button below to listen to the 10-minute long segment.

Professor Michael Milford, the Zoe 1 research vehicle, and QUT research team

28 January 2021

Qld government must have detailed maps to keep driverless cars on track

If self-driving cars are to become common on our roads, governments need to actively partner with private companies to develop the digital infrastructure to support them. That is the finding of a major Queensland government-commissioned report into the feasibility of driverless cars on our roads, the latest step in a long-term investigation into the viability of the technology.

freight data trucks airplane

11 January 2021

Limited real-time freight data causing delays

The findings of a freight data sharing study, which involved trials with companies including Woolworths, Nestle and Toll Group, has outlined the opportunities for improvement in the sector, as well as identifying why supply chains are suffering. The iMOVE Cooperative Research Centre study undertaken with the Bureau of Infrastructure and Transport Research Economics (BITRE) and GS1 Australia recently released its report, the findings of which will assist the Australian Government in setting up the National Freight Data Hub.

CAVs graphic cooperative perception

21 December 2020

Road safety boost: CAVs can now see around corners

Scientists from the University of Sydney’s Australian Centre for Field Robotics have shown how connected and automated vehicles (CAVs) can see people around corners and even through buildings, as well as dodge running pedestrians using an emerging technology called cooperative perception, or collective perception messaging

Ian Christensen portrait

15 December 2020

One on One: Ian Christensen MD of iMOVE

An interview with iMOVE MD Ian Christensen in the December/January 2021 issue of Automotive & Road Transport magazine.

ITS and ADAS systems on busy city road

19 November 2020

Research reveals ‘talking’ cars could save lives on the road

Research from iMOVE Australia, ITS Australia, and the University of Melbourne has found digital communication technologies that allow cars to intelligently interpret surroundings and warn of hazards could reduce vehicle crashes by 78 per cent.

ZOE2 CAV front angle view

19 May 2020

Towards smarter transport

Three years into its 10-year funding period, iMOVE Cooperative Research Centre shares some of its early successes and reflects on the value of its emerging collaborations and need for national coordination.

Ian Christensen freight barcode background

4 May 2020

The lockdown has meant quiet roads and empty public transport in the middle of the week; is this calm about to change?

iMOVE MD Ian Christensen‘s appearance on ABC Radio Sydney’s Focus program, in a segment discussing the impact and influence of COVID-19 on transport. Also appearing is Professor David Hensher, Director of the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies.

Gary Liddle road double exposure

2 December 2019

Liddle becomes the new iMOVE Chair

Transport research centre iMOVE has a new leader at the helm, with Gary Liddle AO announced the newly elected Chair.

pins on map of Australia

22 November 2019

Squaring the circle

An article by David Bonn in Thinking Highways magazine, outlining that with its background and access to companies operating in the transport sector iMOVE is ideally placed to support companies establishing R & D activities in Australia.

barcode and freight transport modes

4 November 2019

Canberra seeks industry input on Freight Data Hub

After the National Freight Data Hub concept came to life in April through a federal funding announcement, and in the aftermath of iMOVE’s Freight Data Requirements Study, industry input is now being sought into its design.

roundabout aerial view

16 October 2019

World first C-ITS cybersecurity system

iMOVE MD Ian Christensen comments on the world’s first production-grade Root Certificate Authority (CA) that is based on ETSI Cooperative Intelligent Transport System (C-ITS) standards, and is a part of iMOVE’s C-ITS Pilot Security Credential Management System: Evaluation and Research project.

ZOE2 connected and highly automated vehicle

13 August 2019

Queensland debuts “most advanced” driverless car in Oz

The Queensland government, along with iMOVE Australia and QUT, launched what it’s calling “the most advanced automated vehicle in Australia” on Tuesday morning, completing a six kilometre trip around suburban streets in Brisbane’s south without driver intervention.

Sydney George Street tram lines pedestrians cycling

15 April 2019

Australia’s iMOVE consortium launching MaaS trial in Sydney

The Australian iMOVE Cooperative Research Center (CRC) consortium is launching its second Mobility as a Service (MaaS) project with a trial of an app-based multimodal transportation ecosystem in Sydney.

freight at port

10 April 2019

Data could save logistics companies $106 billion

The Australian Financial Review interviews iMOVE Managing Director, Ian Christensen, about its Freight Data Requirements Study, and its prompting the Federal Government’s proposed $5.2 million National Freight Data Hub, and another $3.3 million to set up a Pilot Freight Data Exchange.

fruit and vegetables on shelves

3 April 2019

Aims are efficiency and community amenity

An article by Ian Christensen, iMOVE’s Managing Director, about the challenges in the freight and logistics sector, and the opportunities for technology to help us better manage the challenges, and protect the community from its worst impacts.

train freight lights

16 January 2019

Massive Australian freight data study draws to an end

One study is currently underway into the Australia’s freight data requirements, and iMOVE has been contracted to carry out the study.

Ian Christensen, iMOVE MD

15 August 2018

Ian Christensen, mover and shaker

An interview with Ian Christensen, iMOVE’s Managing Director, was featured in the Movers and Shakers section of The National Collision Repairer magazine. Click the link below to read the online version of the magazine. Ian’s interview is on pages 12 to 14.

Melbourne cityscape by night

11 June 2018

Cubic signs new R&D agreement with iMOVE

Cubic Corporation has announced that its Cubic Transportation Systems (CTS) business division has signed an agreement to participate in a research and development (R&D) project designed to improve traffic flow in Melbourne and other Australian cities through improved situational awareness for network operators.

Melbourne intersection and tram

15 May 2018

Australian iMOVE project to study big data’s role in improving transport management

The Australian iMOVE Cooperative Research Center (CRC) consortium has launched a new project that will study and evaluate the use of multiple data sources for improved transport management and journey reliability.

Volvo XC-90 City Safety system

6 April 2018

Connected cars: iMOVE prepares Ipswich trial of black boxes to reduce congestion

The Queensland town of Ipswich is hosting a project that will have cars ‘talk’ to one another to aid in the reduction of accidents and traffic congestion.

driverless car steering wheel

19 February 2018

iMOVE makes its first move

THE newly funded co-operative research centre focused on intelligent transport systems, iMOVE, will partner with the Queensland government in Australia’s largest trial of connected vehicles.

hands off car steering wheel

22 September 2017

Driverless cars: safer perhaps, but professor warns of privacy risks

On Thursday, the federal government formally launched a $55m bid to answer some of the questions that surround the nascent technology.

Ian Murray, iMOVE Chairman

17 June 2017

iMOVE CRC appoints new Chair

iMOVE CRC has announced the appointment of Ian Murray AM as its Chair, effective immediately.

highway with traffic

19 April 2017

Isuzu Australia CEO backs 10-year, $55 million grant to the iMove Co-operative Research Centre

Phil Taylor, Isuzu Australia Limited director and chief operating officer Phil Taylor, has praised the Federal government’s funding of iMOVE CRC.

Melbourne tollway

13 March 2017

Government commits $55 million to vehicle tech research in congestion fight

The Federal Government has announced a $55 million investment over 10 years into digital and evolving vehicle technologies to help improve traffic flow.

iMOVE CRC logo blue square

8 March 2017

$55m funding to kick-start iMove CRC

The iMOVE CRC will explore evolving new vehicle technologies that can help reduce congestion, fuel use and emissions while improving national productivity and competitiveness.


8 March 2017

Green light for transport R&D

Research into intelligent transport systems and infrastructure will expand at Flinders University after the Federal Government announced its funding of iMOVE CRC.


7 March 2017

ALC happy with iMOVE CRC bid decision

The Australian Logistics Council (ALC) has welcomed the government’s acceptance of the intelligent transport systems industry’s bid to develop a new co-operative research centre.

Ian Christensen, iMOVE MD

29 August 2016

The future of transport systems

As the Automotive Australia 2020 CRC wraps up, CEO Ian Christensen looks forward to the new iMOVE CRC.