What is ITS Monday?

ITS Monday is a small collection of curated content, published on Mondays, from the worlds of intelligent transport systems, smart mobility, and associated areas.

The idea behind ITS Monday was in part driven by our ITS Weekly Roundup, an email newsletter we send each Friday (subscribe to that here, plus/or our monthly iMOVE newsletter!). That newsletter can contain a substantial number of links, and sometimes interesting content could be lost in the mix. We also see quite a lot of interesting content on social media (yes, you can follow us on Linkedin and Twitter). So every week we’ll collect a few things, and include them in ITS Monday.

*Inclusion in ITS Monday does not equal iMOVE endorsement. It’s more aimed at discovery, thought, or discussion … or all of those and more! And while for the most part the content will be current, a little age doesn’t necessarily mean diminished interest.

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