Pleased find below here a (growing) list of profiles of the student participants in our Industry PhD Program. Find out more about their projects, publications, reflections on their studies so far, and more.

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Chintan AdvaniQueensland University of TechnologyEmpirical modelling of traffic states and route choice behaviourITSroute choice behaviour, traffic data, traffic congestion
Victor DevilleUniversity of MelbourneNon-invasive vehicle classification solution using tracking radarITSalgorithm, radar, road safety
Anna GannettUniversity of Western AustraliaThe TRavel, Environment and Kids (TREK) Study: 15 years onMobilityactive transport
Jun LiUniversity of SydneyAutonomous mobile lockers for city logisticsFreightalgorithm, autonomous vehicles, last mile, traffic congestion
Xiaojie (Zoe) LinUniversity of Technology SydneyStrengthening cybersecurity in vehicular networksITSautonomous vehicles, cybersecurity
Tariq MunirSwinburne University of TechnologyInnovative road network pricing modelsITSroad use charging, congestion
Son NguyenUniversity of TasmaniaRisks in blockchain-integrated container shipping systemsFreightcybersecurity, digitalisation, shipping
Amir Hosein Jabbari SabeghQueensland University of TechnologyDecentralised data sharing platform for supply chainsFreightblockchain, supply chain
Mehrangiz ShahbakhshUniversity of TasmaniaSeafarer training for autonomous shipping: Needs & challengesITS, Sustainabilityautonomous vehicles, workforce, digitalisation
Yijie SuSwinburne University of TechnologyTransformative commercial urban delivery solutionsFreightdrones, autonomous vehicles, micromobility
Kun ZouRMIT UniversityAdvanced driver state monitoring systemITSartificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, road safety