A list of all the research and development projects undertaken by iMOVE and its participants.

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3-011MobilityReal-time data for better informed transport and parking choicesActiveWilloughby City Council, University of NSW, Astrolabe GroupMore infoNSW
1-033ITSA Smart Transport Technology Roadmap for PerthActiveRAC WA, University of Western AustraliaMore infoWA
3-012ITSUnderstanding skills gaps/training needs in the transport sectorActiveiMOVE, RMIT UniversityMore infoNATIONAL
3-009MobilityFLEXible use case – enhancing the Tonsley shuttle trialActiveDepartment of Planning, Transport, and Infrastructure, Flinders University, Royal Automobile Association of SA IncMore infoSA
1-030ITSIpswich Connected Vehicle Pilot: Safety and user perceptions evaluationActiveDepartment of Transport and Main Roads (Queensland), QUTMore infoQLD
5-019ITSModelling traffic congestion as a contagionActiveUniversity of NSWMore infoNSW, VIC
1-024ITSTransport predictive solution Stage 1: Aimsun WA Live pilotActiveMain Roads Western AustraliaMore infoWA
5-016ITSNext-generation integrated traffic controlActiveQUTMore infoQLD
5-007ITSNon-invasive vehicle classification solution using tracking radarActiveSensys Gatso Group, University of MelbourneMore infoVIC
5-013ITSModelling traffic disruption impact: Deep Learning & simulationActiveUniversity of Technology SydneyMore infoNSW
5-021FreightFixed-wing drones and small package deliveryActiveRMIT UniversityMore infoVIC
1-021ITSHD maps for automated driving – literature reviewActiveDepartment of Transport and Main Roads (Queensland), QUT, RACQMore infoQLD
5-012FreightUsing real-time data to preserve Aussie berries in transitActiveDeakin UniversityMore infoVIC
1-031ITSWorking from Home: Revising metro strategic transport modelsActiveDepartment of Transport and Main Roads (Queensland), University of SydneyMore infoQLD, NSW
5-015FreightUrban freight: Optimising loading/unloading baysActiveDeakin UniversityMore infoVIC
5-010FreightAutonomous mobile lockers for city logisticsActiveUniversity of SydneyMore infoNSW
5-017ITSVehicular network architecture using the 5G standardActiveUniversity of NewcastleMore infoNSW
5-008FreightTransformative commercial urban delivery solutionsActiveSwinburne University of TechnologyMore infoVIC
1-023ITSEconometrics, land use inputs, and strategic transport modelsActiveUniversity of Western Australia, Main Roads Western Australia, Department of Transport (WA), Department of Planning Lands and Heritage Western AustraliaMore infoWA
5-018FreightRisks in blockchain integrated container shipping systemsActiveUniversity of TasmaniaMore infoTAS
5-022ITSMacroscopic Fundamental Diagram: Measuring flow and densityActiveUniversity of QueenslandMore infoQLD
5-020ITSDemand management/estimation in large-scale traffic networksActiveUniversity of QueenslandMore infoQLD
5-011ITSMultimodal operation of smart intersectionsActiveUniversity of Melbourne, RACQMore infoVIC
2-010FreightEvaluating loading dock capacity in new developmentsActiveTransport for NSW, University of MelbourneMore infoNSW
5-009ITSOptimising signal control in CAV and VRU mixed environmentsActiveSynergistic Traffic Consultancy, University of NSWMore infoNSW
1-018ITSEnhanced vehicle detection at traffic signals and on smart freewaysActiveUniversity of Western Australia, Main Roads Western AustraliaMore infoWA
1-017ITSAccelerating the uptake of C-ITS technologies in AustraliaCompletedITS Australia, Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development (DITRCD), University of Melbourne, IAG, Intelematics, TransmaxMore infoNATIONAL
3-006MobilityVehicle to bicycle (V2B) safety interactions using 4G mobile devicesActiveDepartment of Transport and Main Roads (Queensland), QUTMore infoQLD
5-006MobilityVRU and CAV interactionsActiveDepartment of Transport and Main Roads (Queensland), QUT, University of NSWMore infoQLD
2-008FreightFreight consignment data aggregation pilotActiveDepartment of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications (DITRDC), Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics (BITRE)More infoNATIONAL
2-003FreightCo-modality: Making use of public transport to carry freightActiveTransport for NSW, University of SydneyMore infoNSW
3-008MobilityConceptual architecture for future transport and mobility environment ActiveDepartment of Transport and Main Roads (Queensland), ARRBMore infoQLD
3-007ITSManaging transport system investment riskActiveMain Roads Western Australia, University of Western Australia, Edith Cowan UniversityMore infoWA
1-015FreightMapping passive railway crossings to inform freight potentialCompletedAustralasian Centre for Railway Innovation, RMIT UniversityMore infoVIC
1-014MobilityExploring the Movement & Place FrameworkActiveTransport for NSW, Swinburne University of TechnologyMore infoNSW
3-005MobilityMaaS business models: Lessons for operators and regulatorsCompletedTransport for NSW, University of South Australia, University of SydneyMore infoNSW
3-004MobilityFree-flow parking for car-sharingActiveITS Australia, RMIT University, IAG, Cubic Transportation Systems, Royal Automobile Association of SA IncMore infoVIC
5-003ITSCyber security for connected vehicles and vehicular networksActiveIAG, University of Technology SydneyMore infoNSW
5-002ITSHow safe are the perception capabilities of autonomous cars? ActiveIAG, University of SydneyMore infoNSW
3-003MobilityMaaS trial in SydneyActiveIAG, University of Sydney, SkedgoMore infoNSW
1-011ITSIntegrated land use and transport modellingActiveDepartment of Transport and Main Roads (Queensland), University of QueenslandMore infoQLD
2-005FreightFreight data requirements studyCompletedDepartment of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities (DIRDC), Australian Road Research Board (ARRB), Deakin University, University of New South Wales, University of QueenslandMore infoNATIONAL
1-009ITSMeasuring demand for bus replacement servicesCompletedTBAMore infoNSW
3-002MobilityParking management in the smart mobility ageActiveBrisbane City Council, QUT, University of QueenslandMore infoQLD
1-010ITSThe future of travel demand modelling and forecastingCompletedDepartment of Planning, Transport, and Infrastructure, Institute for Choice, University of South Australia
More infoSA
5-001ITSGreen wave for high capacity public transport servicesActiveTransport for NSW, University of Technology SydneyMore infoNSW
1-006ITSDSRC and cooperative perceptionActiveCohda Wireless, University of Sydney, ACFRMore infoSA
1-008ITSCooperative and Highly Automated Driving Safety StudyActiveDepartment of Transport and Main Roads (Queensland), QUTMore infoQLD
1-007ITSHow automated vehicles will interact with road infrastructureCompletedDepartment of Transport and Main Roads (Queensland), QUTMore infoQLD
1-004ITSInsurance Research for Autonomous VehiclesActiveIAG, University of NSW (Sydney)More infoNSW
1-001ITSData use for improved transport management and journey reliabilityActiveCubic Transportation Systems, University of Melbourne, VicRoads, Transport for Victoria, Transport Accident CommissionMore infoVIC
1-005ITSC-ITS Pilot Security Credential Management System: Evaluation and ResearchActiveDepartment of Transport and Main Roads (Queensland), Integrity Security ServicesMore infoQLD
3-001MobilityMaaS and On-Demand Transport – Consumer Research and ReportCompletedITS Australia, University of South Australia, Transport for NSW, Transport for Victoria, Department of Transport and Main Roads (Queensland), Department of Transport (WA), Royal Automobile Association of SA IncMore infoNATIONAL
1-003ITSEnhanced Short and Longer Network Performance Prediction Capabilities Through Data-Driven Analytics and SimulationCompletedMain Roads Western Australia, University of Western AustraliaMore infoWA
1-002ITSCooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) Pilot — Field Operational Test and EvaluationActiveDepartment of Transport and Main Roads (Queensland), QUTMore infoQLD
2-001FreightPlanning intermodal and general logistics infrastructure for the future needs of PerthCompletedMain Roads Western Australia, University of Western Australia, Edith Cowan University, Department of Transport (WA)More infoWA