STUDY: Creating a national understanding of skills gaps and training needs in transport and mobility now and into the future


  • Project leader: iMOVE Australia
  • Project researcher: RMIT University
  • Timeframe: June 2020 – August 2021


Transport is transforming. Whether you are moving people or goods, there is a revolution taking place driven by trends in technology, automation and access to data. We need to ensure that we have a workforce that is well-equipped to work and innovate within this evolving technological landscape, and that can also respond effectively to unexpected disruptions along the way.

Anecdotally we have been hearing from many sources of the existing and looming need for a range of both technical and soft skills in organisations. To date, there is no comprehensive study of what this looks like on a national level. To address this need iMOVE has partnered with RMIT University in this initiative to develop a clear understanding where we have skills gaps and how these can be addressed.

Between now and Aug 2021 this important study will examine skills gaps in our national transport and mobility industry by undertaking interviews, surveys and workshops with a broad range of people and organisations. It will also look at what is happening overseas for an international comparison. The study will provide an evidence-base on which to form decisions about re-/up-/cross-skilling our workforce, attracting new talent, and developing training options for use in Australia that could also be of interest to a global market.

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  • Identify current and future skill needs in the transport and mobility sector
  • Conduct a skills gap analysis of the transport and mobility sector
  • Identify how T&M industries in other countries have sought to address skills challenges
  • Propose policy responses needed to address skill needs in Australia’s T&M industry



This is the only study of its kind underway in transport and mobility that aims to take a comprehensive industry-wide view. It will create a national understanding and develop recommendations that support the future success of our transport and mobility industry.

We understand that this study has significance to a broad range of organisations. We invite you to contact us if your organisation would like to be a visible supporter and participant in the study through sponsorship. Ways in which your organisation can be involved include:

  • Co-brand the project: media releases, reports and webpage
  • Your company will be featured and profiled interviewed on the project site
  • Participate in the project committee
  • Pre-publication access to the report data and reports

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Victor Gekara, RMIT University

Victor Gekara | Associate Professor, RMIT University

Victor Gekara is an Associate Professor in the College of Business and Law at RMIT University. He is also the Director of the Global Transport and Logistics Research Group and the Founding Leader of the Skills, Training and Industry Research Network. His research interests and expertise are broadly located at the intersection between workplace technological change and the future of work and workforce skills. In this space he has developed and led several major research projects which examined the implications of technological and digital transformations on work and industry skills demand and the role and capacity of VET for meet these changes. His extensive research track record is supported by strong and extensive industry networks which facilitate effective and impactful research creation and translation.

Darryn Snell, RMIT University

Darryn Snell | Associate Professor, RMIT University

Darryn Snell is Associate Professor in the School of Management and co-coordinator of the Skills, Training and Industry Research Network at RMIT University, Melbourne. Darryn has worked extensively on employment and workforce development questions. He has conducted research in a range of industries including manufacturing, agri-foods, transport and logistics, cleantech and the electricity generation industry. Among the range of research topics that he has examined are: cross-occupational skills transferability; workforce skills for Australia’s digital economy; ‘just transition’ for workers in carbon-exposed industries; reasons for non-completion among apprentices and trainees; skill needs and capabilities for the ‘green’ economy; and the skills and training implications of an ageing workforce. He has completed major research projects for, amongst others, the National Centre for Vocational Education Research, the Australian Research Council, and the Department of Regional Australia.

Shirley Tay, RMIT University

Shirley Tay | Research assistant, RMIT University

Shirley is a PhD candidate with the School of Management at RMIT University. Her research interests revolve around the perspectives of work inclusion and lived experiences of recent migrants in the Australian workplace. Her current work focuses on using an intersectional lens to examine the workplace inclusion experiences of Australian migrant workers and how they navigate their positions within their workplaces at the intersections of their diverse identities. Parallel to her PhD research, Shirley has been working as a sessional tutor and research assistant with RMIT University.

Salvatore Ferraro, RMIT University

Salvatore Ferraro | Research assistant, RMIT University

Sam Ferraro is a doctoral candidate in the School of Economics, Finance & Marketing at RMIT University, his research examining the characteristics of Australian founder companies. Sam has over 15 years of investment banking experience, including at Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch, and has worked at the Commonwealth Treasury. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) from the University of Melbourne and a Masters of Applied Finance from Macquarie University.

Ian Christensen, iMOVE MD

Ian Christensen | Managing Director, iMOVE Australia

Ian is a passionate and experienced practitioner in innovation and collaboration, and these were the driving motivators behind his initiative to establish the iMOVE Co-operative Research Centre. He has spent most of his working life developing and delivering innovation in real-world environments, with particular achievements in manufacturing, biotechnology, and transport. His leadership of iMOVE draws on 16 years of experience in managing multi stakeholder collaborations and over forty years of activity in technology innovation.

Jackie King, iMOVE

Jackie King | Communications Manager, iMOVE Australia

Jackie is a corporate communications and marketing specialist and manager with over twenty years’ experience in marketing, project management and customer support. She has worked in diverse industries such as Transport, Manufacturing, Education, Recruitment and Telecoms in the UK and Australia. Most recently she has held roles in the automotive and transport cooperative research centres leading the development and implementation of the communications and marketing strategies. She is also part of the leadership team at iMOVE Australia, which is responsible for implementing the overall company strategy.

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