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The electrification of transportation is and will continue to impact both the electricity and transportation sectors in significant ways. As policy mandates zero emission vehicles to hit the roads in less than three years both sectors scramble to ensure that infrastructure needs meet the demands of consumers. To ensure the development of sound economic and operational plans to ensure a smooth and cost-efficient transition, these traditionally separate sectors need to create a working dialogue.

Electricity is currently undergoing the most significant operational change since grid inception over 120 years ago. While transportation is likewise experiencing massive change in how society experiences and demands mobility. These sectors are increasingly converging in how they expect to provide solutions for society. Each sector struggles with its own disruption, infrastructure planning is more complex than ever. How can you plan for successful, cost effective and informed outcomes, when the baseline is moving?

In this series, we will explore the foundations of each sector, from revenue generation and business models to, risk management and tolerance, while identifying areas of opportunity, innovation and potential roadblocks to enabling an electrified future for transportation. The purpose of this is to ensure a cross industry baseline of understanding. To advance the dialogue between the two sectors, it is necessary to provide relevant subject matter experts with an overview and baseline understanding of the following:

  • Current state and forecasted future state
  • Business models
  • Risk metrics
  • Opportunities for collaboration
  • Policy and regulatory requirements

The series will comprise webinars, articles, white papers and more, all available on this page.

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WEBINAR 1: Challenges, opportunities, and what we don’t know

Click the play button below to watch the recording of the first webinar in this series, held on 24 November 2022. The video is introduced by iMOVE Program Director Lee-Ann Breger, and is moderated by Ruchika Deora, Program Director at C4NET.


  • Tim Reid: Project Manager, Future Mobility, Transport for NSW
  • Greg Hannan: Head of Network Strategy & Non-network Solutions, CitiPower and Powercor


  • Associate Professor Mahdi Jalili: STEM | School of Engineering, RMIT University
  • Dr Ali Moradi Amani: Research Fellow, STEM | School of Engineering, RMIT University

Click the button below to download Tim Reid’s presentation.

The Convergence of Energy and Transport