iMOVE is the independent national centre for transport and mobility research and development in Australia.

We provide facilitation and collaboration services to help our industry and government partners deliver internationally competitive products and services in all aspects of transport and mobility.

iMOVE is uniquely connected to, and knowledgeable about, Australian research expertise, including running the iMOVE Cooperative Research Centre.

Current partners include state road authorities, Federal and State Government departments, logistics, retail, insurance and technology companies, car clubs, and most of Australia’s top universities.

It can:

  • Find the right expertise and partners for your R&D
  • Access local networks and technology
  • Structure and manage projects of any size and complexity
iMOVE collage
iMOVe collage

International companies are already choosing Australia as a base for transport R&D, creating a growing national capability.

  • Existing government-supported transport R&D hub (iMOVE CRC)
  • Highly-competent diverse skillset
  • World-class facilities
  • Government R&D incentives
  • Dynamic, rapidly expanding smart mobility industry (growing national capability)
  • Strong ITS industry association and vibrant events program
  • Home to the first city in the world implementing a real multimodal transport management platform (Sydney)
  • A world-first living urban transport laboratory, Australian Integrated Multimodal Ecosystem (AIMES) based in Melbourne


Cubic Transportation Systems is one example of an internationally successful company expanding its transport-related R&D activities into Australia. Its ambitious goal of making Australia the world’s first truly multimodal nation using its NextCIty transport management platform is well on its way.

Tom Walker, Cubic’s senior vice president and managing director for the Asia-Pacific region, said Cubic provides world-class systems that transform the way we live and travel.

“Our strategic partnership with iMOVE Australia has connected us to capability which will play an important role in developing our multimodal transport management platform,” said Walker.

“Australia has proven itself an ideal place to develop and test globally relevant solutions that analyse and respond to evolving transport needs.

With an ambitious vision such as NextCity, collaboration is a must. We aim to remain at the forefront of transport innovation and we will achieve this partly by finding the right partners. iMOVE is an effective means of doing this quickly and easily, it’s been a very positive working relationship.”

Cubic’s Transport Management Platform collects and analyses the data extracted from public, private and active transport to generate information essential in guiding city planning, reducing congestion and improving transport patterns.

iMOVE projects and programs

For more information on the transport R&D iMOVE is carrying out with its partners, visit our iMOVE Projects List page.

TMR CHAD project vehicle Renault ZOE

Cooperative and Highly Automated Driving Safety Study: a cooperative and (highly) automated vehicle (CAV) prototype, research platform and local expertise base, to conduct a comprehensive safety study to inform government policy and direction.

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Melbourne cityscape by night

Data use for improved transport management and journey reliability: involves the collection and analysis of detailed data to implement and validate advanced algorithms, to support the early identification of the onset of congestion and identify how best to mitigate its potential impact.

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freight container wall

Planning intermodal and general logistics infrastructure for the future needs of Perth: a suite of related research streams to support the Westport Taskforce in planning for the Outer Harbour at Kwinana and the associated road and rail links as part of the long term integrated transport plan for Western Australia.

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student meeting business leaders

Education programs: through iMOVE’s education and training program, at undergraduate and PhD levels, we match the finest researchers with industry, to work together on research projects to develop innovative technology for Australia and the global market.

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